Epic Journée N°39

      Epic Journée N°39 - Fleurman

Epic Journée N°39

00:06Doshin the Giant – The Island Of Memory
04:07Sonic Shuffle – Dreamy Well
06:12Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom Celery Forest & Spinach Heights
07:59Chibi Robo! – Night Play
11:22Earthbound Zero – Battle Theme 1
13:03Mirror’s Edge – Shard
20:09Fester’s Quest – Sewer
22:36Super Godzilla – Incoming Boss
24:13Choujin Sentai Jetman – Area D
26:26Bad Dudes – Truck And Train Theme
29:42Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse – We Love Burning Town
33:12Botanicula – I Was Born As Frankenstein
34:52Crash Twinsanity – Cavern Catastrophe
37:22Danganronpa – Thousand Knocks
38:53Mr. Driller Land – I-O
41:47Deathsmiles – The Beast, Awakened (Stage C-2)
45:54Dynasty Warriors 4 – PARADE OF DEATH
49:42Ape Escape 2 – Escape the Ape in You!
52:28Ganbare Goemon 4 – Credits
55:53Sonic CD – Love You Sonic (Remix Album)


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